Did you know that some digestive problems could be a sign of pancreatic cancer?

sign of pancreatic cancer
sign of pancreatic cancer

Digestive problems and pancreatic cancer

People suffer from poor digestion, fill with gas and have some abdominal pain but do not pay attention to these ailments, without knowing that they could be starting a picture of pancreatic cancer, one of the most harmful and difficult to detect diseases.

“The signs of pancreatic cancer are poor digestion and excess gas that could be confused with gastritis or another problem of the gastrointestinal tract, but if weight is also lost, there is abdominal pain in the center of the abdomen and jaundice (yellowish color the skin), you have to pay attention to that picture, ” warned the health expert.

The oncologist indicated that the symptoms of this disease in the pancreas are very similar to liver cancer, but the first one is more aggressive and decays faster.

And, pancreatic cancer is more complicated to diagnose early because it is an organ that is “hidden” in the area known as the retroperitoneum, located in part behind the stomach and front of the spine.

For a health professional to detect it, more sensitive concepts such as tomography or magnetic resonance imaging are required.

“The doctor should do a good interrogation, find out patient’s family history, because there is a certain genetic predisposition, and order the corresponding tests to rule out that health problem,” said the doctor.a

Pancreatic cancer

In 2018 and 2019, there was a 20 percent increase in cases of Pancreatic cancer. Of all the patients for this disease, 9 percent on average are detected on time, but of that total, 20 percent could be operated or treated so that the tumor decreases in size and can be completely removed.

In more severe cases, the patient can be medicated, but only to stop the progression of the disease for a while, says the doctor.

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sign of pancreatic cancer

If you wonder what causes the development of pancreatic cancer, the doctor said that diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, and obesity could be risk factors for developing the disease.

We must also be alert if there are cases in the family that could predispose a person to suffer the condition.

However, there is one aspect of our lives that we give little importance but which is really vital, like what we eat daily.

In this regard, the doctor warned that the consumption of alcohol and tobacco directly affects the increase in cases of pancreatic cancer.

“Eating foods with a lot of fat and poor in fiber conditions the patient to develop diabetes or obesity and those are risk factors for pancreatic cancer,” specialist added.

The specialist suggested that in principle, you should eat healthily, and that implies eating at your own time, respecting certain portions and eating varied foods.

The amount of flour (carbohydrates) should not exceed half of what is eaten regularly and the fat with which food is cooked, in addition to what meat and avocado have, should be sufficient for the needs of our body, pointed.

The best way to consume the meat is by grilling them, but you can also find the proteins in the milk and eggs.

Finally, you should never forget the daily diets are vegetables and fruits, mainly fresh because they are the most important source of fiber, necessary for the functioning of our body.

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