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How To Get Rid Of Yellow nails?

How To Get Rid Of Yellow nails

Home remedies to treat and get rid of yellow and thick nails

Aesthetically they are not very aesthetic. Yellow and thick nails can be treated with home remedies to eliminate that unpleasant appearance. The causes of this situation can be external or internal; Frequent use of poor quality enamels or artificial nails is one of the most common reasons. You can also put your nails that way in the absence of vitamins A and B or hepatitis. Tobacco pollutants also influence that ugly appearance.

The lack of oxygenation that causes enamel or artificial nails has a substantial impact on yellow nails. Keratin is damaged, and cell regeneration is hindered. In addition, certain components can be toxic not only to the nails but also to the skin.

The regular consumption of cigarettes, especially spot index and ring fingers, receiving the snuff smoke, full of nicotine and other harmful substances. Fungi also put yellow and thick nails, weakened keratin and make them very fragile. Ageing, diabetes or psoriasis also affect that unpleasant aspect.

Thick, yellow finger- or toenails are often caused by nail fungus otherwise known as onychomycosis. It may begin as a small spot of yellow or white, but if gone untreated, will soon spread and can cause some other significant problems as well.

If you want to have healthy and attractive nails, read these home remedies to treat yellow and thick nails. Take note of these tricks.

Home remedies to treat yellow and thick nails

  • A mixture of olive oil, baking soda and lemon bleaches, strengthens and softens the nails and hands. We rub them and let them act for five minutes every day. White vinegar is one of the most effective products for whitening and cleaning nails. Mix vinegar and water in equal parts, soak the toenails and leave on for 10 minutes
  • Drops of hydrogen peroxide on each nail for two weeks will eliminate fungal infection. In addition, every two or three days, we must exfoliate them.

Natural products, easy to find

  • Lemon juice fights fungus and exfoliates nails. If we submerge them in the liquid of this fruit for 10 minutes and then wash them with soap and water, we will eliminate the yellowish color. Lemon essential oil is also ideal because it also hydrates the cuticle.
  • Effervescent pills that bleach dentures also work for yellow and thick nails. We submerge them in a container with the product for 10 minutes and then wash them. We repeat every night.
  • The sodium bicarbonate has a similar effect, besides being more economical. Mix the product with a little water to make a paste. We rub them with a brush, let them act for a few minutes, and exfoliate again. Its action is swift if we do it regularly.

Together with these home remedies to get rid of yellow and thick nails, it is convenient to cut them frequently. Ideally, keep them square, short and with the edges filed. Wash your feet frequently and dry them well, especially between the toes: moisture drives fungus growth. Do not wear tight shoes or walking barefoot in public areas.

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