Assertiveness Quiz


Be honest! There are no right or wrong answers! Answer what you would do, NOT what you think (or wished) you would do!

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    A teacher says something you feel is rude to you in front of your peers.

    • Do nothing. You shouldn’t question teachers
    • Tell the teacher exactly what I think. Even though she/he is a teacher they have no right to talk to me that way. If they are rude to me then I can be rude back!
    • After class share my concerns with my teacher, but I will do so in a respectful and calm manner.
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    I avoid dealing with difficult situations involving confrontation.

    • I like conflict! It makes me feel good to tell people exactly what I think of them.
    • Although I might not always like it, conflict is an important part of a relationship. Sometimes people can get closer after working through a disagreement.
    • I avoid conflict.
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    Talking to people in positions of authority makes me feel nervous, self-conscious, or unsure of myself.

    • True
    • I don’t have any issues talking to anyone who is in an authority position. They are just people.
    • People in authority positions always think they are better than other people. I have no issues telling them what I think.
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    You are in line at a store when someone cuts in front of you. What do you do?

    • Nothing. Who cares. Life is too short to worry about such small things.
    • That behaviour makes me so mad! I tell them exactly what I think and tell them to get in the back of the line. You can’t be nice to people who are such jerks.
    • Respectfully point out to them that they need to go to the back of the line.
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    During conversation with friends how much do you tend to engage in the conversation?

    • I talk about 50% of the time.
    • I talk more than my friends.
    • I am more of a listener. My friends tend to dominate the conversations.
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    Which describes the tone of your voice?

    • soft
    • loud
    • average not too soft, but no loud
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    How would you describe you body language during confrontation?

    • Relaxed with an open stance
    • Arms crossed. I will often get closer to people to make my point heard.
    • Withdrawn, slouching, and standing further from the person.
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    How do you feel about being part of a new group?

    • I like to fully engage groups and be an effective team member.
    • I like to watch new groups from the sidelines and only engage when I need to.
    • I like to go right into a new group and take the lead.
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    Your friend just said something you find offensive

    • Tell him/her I disagree and why. I will discuss the topic as long as they are willing to be respectful. I will take the time to listen to their side and I equally share my thoughts. If they are not able to discuss the topic appropriately I will walk away.
    • Tell him/her why I disagree. Since they are being offensive it is important I convince them they are wrong and get them to understand my point of view. It is ok if the argument gets heated because the topic is important.
    • I just stay quiet. There is no use in trying to change their mind.
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    When you are walking down the street you come across a boy who is being beat up by a group of much older boys. What do you do?

    • Nothing. It is not my business. Even if I wanted to help, I have no idea what I could do to stop the situation.
    • Start yelling and screaming at the boys who are bullying. If you get mad enough you might even physically attack the boys who are the bullies.
    • Let the boys know you are calling the cops, so they best leave the kid alone. You are able to stay calm, but you are firm in that what they are doing is not and you will do what you can to stop it.
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    A classmate, whom you don’t like, says something rude to you that is not true. How do you react?

    • Just walk away. You feel powerless to say anything.
    • Laugh and then walk away with your head held high. What this person says does not matter.
    • Say something rude back. They have no right to be rude to you and you will teach them not to do it again.
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    A peer who you are not attracted to sends you a text asking you on a date.

    • Respond that you are flattered that they asked, but you just don’t see them that way.
    • Don’t respond.
    • You tell your friends about it. Together you all decide how to respond in an entertaining way.
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    During class you are discussing a topic you are quite interested in. How often do you participate.

    • Not at all. I usually stay quiet during classroom discussions.
    • I talk more than any other student in the class.
    • I share my thoughts several time throughout the class. I not only enjoy sharing my thoughts, but also like listening to what others have to say.
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    You are in line waiting to buy something that will sell out quickly. Many people are pushing their way to the front of the line. It is chaos. How do you react?

    • I wait patiently. If people push in front of me there is nothing I can do. I refuse to be like them! Nothing material is worth me being part of the chaos.
    • I don’t cut in front of anyone, but I make sure that I don’t lose my place either. If I need to I will say something to anyone who tries to push their way in front of me.
    • This makes you happy. It allows you the chance to get in front of other people. This means you are more than likely going to be able to buy that item you have been wanting so bad.
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    You are struggling to understand how to complete a large project for school. It is due two days. The teacher is quite strict and not very approachable.

    • Avoid asking the teacher for help. Try to get help by searching online.
    • Send the teacher an email saying that the assignment makes no sense. Tell them them because it is so confusing you deserve an extension.
    • Send the teacher an email asking him/her specific questions you have about the essay. Work hard to get it completed on time.
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    You friends want you to try something new, but you don’t want to. How do you react?

    • Say no. If they keep insisting you just ignore them and walk away.
    • Tell them no. If they keep insisting you get mad at them and tell them off.
    • You don’t want to upset your friends, so you go along.
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    If you are in the middle of homework, and a friend rings you for a chat, what do you do?

    • Tell them you are busy and you will call them later.
    • Even though you have a lot to do you talk to them anyways.
    • Tell them you are busy and hang up.
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    If someone bumps into you in the hallway, and you both drop your books, what do you do?

    • Ask them to be more careful in the future. Then help them pick up their books.
    • Say sorry, quickly pick up your books, and walk away.
    • Make it very clear to them that they better watch where they going.
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    A peer pays you a compliment. How do you react?

    • You feel a little awkward, so you say something to disagree with the compliment. For example, if they say they like your shirt you reply “This old shirt! Do you really think so?”
    • Smile and say “thank you!”
    • Say very little and wander what it is they want from you.
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    A friend begs you to borrow $10. They know that you have $20 on you. You really don’t want to lend them the money. Last time you lent them $5 they didn’t pay you back.

    • Tell them that you don’t feel it is a good idea and you are sorry but the answer is no. If they keep begging you respond by calmly saying “please stop asking! If you continue I am walking away!”
    • Remind them that they are a jerk for not paying you back the last time. Let them know that you are offended they would even ask you!
    • They are your friend. They wouldn’t ask if they didn’t need it. Plus, you don’t want to upset them. You lend them the money.
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    You are at McDonald’s and order a chicken legend burger with mayonnaise, but they give you one with salsa. You would:

    • Accept it since you sort of like salsa anyway
    • Angrily refuse the burger and insist on seeing the manager to complain about the poor service.
    • Call the waiter and indicate you ordered your burger with mayonnaise
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    You are a customer waiting in line to be served. Suddenly, someone steps in line ahead of you. You would:

    • Let the person be ahead of you since he/she is already in line.
    • Pull the person out of line and make him/her go to the back.
    • Indicate to the person that you are in line and point out where it begins.
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    After walking out of a store where you purchased some items you discover you were short-changed. You would:

    • Let it go since you are already out of the store and the store clerk looked busy
    • Go to the manager and indicate how you were cheated by the clerk, then demand the proper change.
    • Return to the clerk and inform him/her of the error.
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    You are in the middle of watching a very interesting television program when your parent/carer comes in and asks you for a favour. You would

    • Do the favour as quickly as possible, and then return to the program to finish watching it.
    • Say “no,” then finish watching your program.
    • Ask if it can wait until the program is over and, if so, do it then.
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    A friend drops in to say hello, but stays too long, preventing you from finishing an important task. You would:

    • Let the person stay, then try and squeeze your work in later
    • Tell the person to stop bothering you and to get out
    • Explain your need to finish your work and request he/she visit another time.
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    You ask at the movie theater for a small drink ($2), however, they give you a large by mistake and ask you for $4. You would:

    • Pay the $4 since the drink is already poured and you will probably drink it or share it with someone anyway
    • NoDemand to see the manager and protest being ripped off.
    • Indicate you only asked for a small drink and request you give them the original $2
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    You suspect someone of harboring a grudge against you, but you don’t know why. You would:

    • Pretend you are unaware of his/her anger and ignore it, hoping it will correct itself.
    • Get even with the person somehow so he/she will learn not to hold grudges against you.
    • Ask the person if they are angry, then try to be understanding
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    You take your games console to a shop for repairs and receive a written estimate. But later, when you pick it up, you are billed for additional work and for an amount higher than the estimate. You would:

    • Pay the bill since it must have needed the extra repairs anyway.
    • Refuse to pay, and then complain to the head office or the Better Business Bureau.
    • Indicate to the manager that you agreed only to the estimated amount, and then pay only that amount.
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    You invite a good friend to your house for a dinner party, but your friend never arrives and neither calls to cancel nor to apologize. You would:

    • Ignore it, but manage not to show up the next time your friend invites you to a party.
    • Call your friend names and complain about them to other friends.
    • Call your friend to find out what happened.
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    You are in a group discussion about a project at school that includes your teacher. A work mate asks you a question about your work, but you don’t know the answer. You would:

    • Give your co-worker a false, but plausible answer so your teacher will think you are on top of things.
    • Do not answer, but attack your work mate by asking a question you know he/she could not answer.
    • Indicate to your co-worker you are unsure just now, but offer to give him/her the information later.

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