Find Your Type Of Fit Quiz

exercise to burn fat faster

Find your lifestyle, find your happiness, find your type of fit!

Fit can mean several different things, as we are all different.

By dictionary definition, it means ‘in good health.’

Take our “Find Your Type Of Fit Quiz” to find what fit means to you.

  • Question of

    How many times a week do you currently exercise?

    • I sometimes go for a walk at lunchtime
    • 1-3 times a week
    • 4-7 times a week
    • I don’t have time to exercise
  • Question of

    How do you feel when you wake up?

    • Tired
    • Sore
    • Energised
    • Excited to start my day
    • Stressed
  • Question of

    How do you feel when you go to sleep?

    • Tired
    • Sore
    • Calm and ready to rest
    • Stressed
    • What’s sleep?
  • Question of

    What’s your favourite movie genre?

    • Thriller
    • Comedy
    • Romantic
    • Action
    • Horror
  • Question of

    What is your favorite meal of the day?

    • Breakfast, there’s so many choices
    • Lunch
    • Dinner, I love cooking
    • Dessert, who doesn’t love dessert?

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