Quiz: How Healthy Are You Really?

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Take this quiz to find out if you’re heart-healthy!

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    Thoughts : How would you rate your current stress levels today?

    • STRESSED OUT! I feel overwhelmed.
    • Feeling overwhelmed, but I am in functioning.
    • Today I feel good and in control.
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    Breathe : Do you find yourself sighing or yawning throughout the day?

    • YES, all the time!
    • DEPENDS. Sometimes if I skip my morning coffee!
    • NO. I have never noticed this.
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    Breathe : Do you find you wake up with a dry mouth after a nights sleep?

    • NO… what are you talking about?
    • DEPENDS. If my nose is blocked then yes.
    • YES. Always… what is with that?!
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    Breathe : Have you been told that you snore or squeak when you are asleep?

    • NOPE. I am a sound sleeper.
    • SOMETIMES. Depends how tired I am.
    • YES. Apparently I am very annoying!
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    Hydration : How often do you feel thirsty?

    • YesNEVER. I am all over this drinking water thing.
    • SOMETIMES. Some days I feel thirsty but mostly I am good.
    • ALWAYS. I know that I should drink more water, but it’s just not something I think about.
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    Nutrition : What best describes your eating habits?

    • I am conscious of the foods I am eating but still treat myself every now and then.
    • I have a strict meal plan and like to know my calorie intake.
    • I am on a seafood diet. I see food and eat it!
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    Nutrition : Do you skip meals?

    • NEVER, I always have my 3 meals a day.
    • SOMETIMES, depends how busy I am.
    • YES, my life is far too busy to eat regularly!
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    Movement : Do you regularly participate in purposeful exercise?

    • YES, I love to move and do this 3 or more times a week
    • I like the thought of this but I struggle to get it done and often miss it.
    • No, it’s not really my thing. I know I should but not sure what I should be doing.
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    Movement : What best describes the type of exercise you do?

    • I do lots of different things. A bit of everything.
    • I do all cardio training.
    • I only move if I have to.

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