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self-love language

Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.

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    I prefer to spend my time alone by:

    • Cooking for myself
    • Applying soothing products in my skin
    • Treating myself to small gifts like a donut
    • Reminding myself how awesome I
    • Indulging in my personal hobby
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    Before a presentation, I prepare myself by:

    • Getting pretty and spotless
    • Reminding myself that I got this!
    • I get myself a safety token like a squishy nerves ball
    • I make sure all the techy things are up and running
    • I take time to review my knowledge
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    When I am feeling down, this cheers me up

    • A soothing bath
    • A gorgeous looking treat
    • Writing down my thoughts and gratitude
    • Performing an activity like dancing or exercising
    • Making myself a cup of tea
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    When I have a date

    • I bring my make up game one, baby
    • I tell myself how lucky that guy/girl is
    • I get myself a new item for the night
    • I make sure the reservation is done and ready to go
    • I spend a long time getting ready, I love it!
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    The perfect solo-trip

    • I keep telling myself how awesome this is!
    • I made sure all is planned and booked so I have no worries
    • I spend my time shopping and at markets
    • I get all the massages I can get!
    • I visit all the museums and places of interest
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    When I have worked/studied hard, I reward myself by

    • I get a little present for myself
    • I treat myself to the movies or theater
    • I take myself to the spa
    • I give myself time to clean my house
    • I keep telling myself and others what a great job I did
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    I feel most loved when I

    • Buy flowers for myself
    • Tick something important off from my to do list
    • Spend time working on my hobbies
    • Have a kind and compassionate talk with myself
    • Get passionate with myself
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    The most important self-care routine for me is

    • My skin routine
    • Tidying up my space
    • Getting the items I need
    • Exercising
    • Journaling
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    When I get home from a busy day the first thing I do is:

    • Change my clothes and feel comfy in fresh ones
    • Start planing the meal for the night
    • Reflect on what went well during the day
    • Spend time reading or doing a fulfilling activity
    • Look in the mailbox to see what is there for me
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    If I unexpectedly received a large amount of money

    • I would buy my dream car
    • I would plan the trip of a lifetime
    • I would put money aside for my early retiring
    • I would write a book about it
    • I would visit all my loved ones and hug them


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