What’s Wrong With Me Quiz

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Take this Quiz and get to the bottom of what makes you stressed

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    What makes you feel happy?

    • Getting time alone
    • Making a goal
    • Being with friends
    • Completing a goal
  • Question of

    How would your friends and family describe you?

    • Creative, spontaneous, unique
    • Smart, ambitious, no-nonsense
    • Perfectionist and orderly
    • Social, the center of attention, friendly
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    What’s your worst fear?

    • Teaching 3 year olds
    • Not getting recognition
    • Being stuck in a boring desk job
    • Working at a JOB
  • Question of

    In your free time you would

    • Paint, Dance and Write
    • Get together with friends
    • Read and Learn
    • Clean… just clean
  • Question of

    Who do you admire

    • Hamilton (the play)
    • Einsten
    • Marie Kondo
    • Tony Robbins
  • Question of

    I’m excited to

    • Write/Draw/Play/Sing
    • Be a keynote
    • Have a party
    • Make the perfect meal
  • Question of

    In school you were

    • Writer/Musician
    • Socialite
    • Braininess
    • Teacher’s Helper

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